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10 Short Tips

When dealing with your Homeowner’s Insurance Company.

  1. Contact an attorney that focuses on insurance law*;
  2. All correspondence from the insurer should be read carefully;
  3. Give prompt notice to the insurer of your loss;
  4. Take photos and/or video of any damage to your property;
  5. Mitigate and protect your property from further damages;
  6. Advise your attorney if an examination under oath or recorded statement is requested by the insurance company;
  7. Create a complete invetory of your damages – save all receipts of repairs and expenses related to your loss;
  8. Advise your attorney immediately if a “sworn proof of loss” (SPOL) is requested from the insurer.
  9. DO NOT agree to accept a low-ball payment from the inurance company that constitutes a full and final satisfaction of your claim;
  10. Avoid executing a general release with your insurance company without consulting with your attorney.

This list is not exhaustive and not a substitute for seeking full legal advice.

*Generally, under Fla. Stat. 627.428, an attorney for the Homeowner is paid their fees and costs directly by the insurance company and not from your insurance / indemnity benefits.

homeowner insurance claim tips
homeowner insurance claim tips

Insurance Companies are not your good neighbor, they are not on your side and you are not in good hands. Insurance Companies are in business to make money, not to pay claims.

Should you have a dispute with your own insurance company and are focused to hire a lawyer to prosecute your claim, the insurance company is responsible for your attorney’s fees if you prevail per Florida Statute 627.428.

When the claim is settled all money goes directly to you except for attorney fees. We do not take a portion of your recovery. Our Attorney’s fees are separate and distinct unless we have some separate agreement to the contrary. We make no attorney fee charges to you at any point in the litigation.

Neil V. Singh, Esq. is an advocate for homeowners against the Insurance Companies all over Florida. Neil has formerly represented over 20 Fortune 500 Insurance carriers, handling thousands of Claims disputes. Fighting now exclusively for insureds and business owners against the Insurance industry.

It would be our pleasure to speak with you without obligation. Please do not hesitate to call or email us should you have any questions or would like to begin seeking your recovery against your insurance company.

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